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Our concept

MUSCA is an architecture and design studio, crafting perfect spaces for living and working, from the building's shape and surroundings to its interiors.

We focus on bespoke houses, villas, and contemporary apartments with a strong emphasis on sustainability.

Our interior designs reflect the unique spirit of each space, utilizing natural materials and finishes that ensure functionality blends seamlessly with style.

We create bespoke interior objects and forms, combining the finest craftsmanship with parametric design.

Monika Więcek Architect at the Musca office

Emphasizing sustainability

Sustainability holds a pivotal place in my design philosophy, as I believe that the responsibility to nurture our planet coincides with crafting spaces of the highest quality. This commitment led me to pursue training at the Academy of Healthy Building, an institution renowned for its comprehensive approach to passive building techniques. The training, detailed at Green Cherry, provided me with an in-depth understanding of energy efficiency, ecological materials, and the principles of creating buildings that not only respect the environment but also enhance human well-being.

Emphasizing healthy buildings is crucial for societal progress, as it addresses both environmental sustainability and the imperative need for spaces that promote occupants’ health and happiness. This dual focus is at the heart of creating a future where architecture serves both the planet and its people.


BIM (Building Information Modeling) design services

3D scanning for site inventories

Collaboration with equipment manufacturers

Custom interior design solutions

Sustainable architecture consulting

Parametric design and fabrication

Energy efficiency analysis and optimization

Landscape and urban design

Project management and oversight

Post-occupancy evaluation and feedback

A longstanding board member of the Association of Polish Architects SARP, dedicated to promoting the finest architecture.

Award winner for one of the best 'Workplace of the Future' visions, organized in Denver.

Participant in exhibitions of top furniture designers and pattern makers at the International Poznań Fair.

Architekt Monika Więcek from Musca receives the award for the best diploma of the year in Poland

Spaces Shape Our Stories

I believe that spaces have the power to transform our lives, serving as the vital backdrop to the unfolding story of our existence.

Architect Monika Więcek signature